— Employees are entitled to national statutory holidays, as well as paid annual leave and paid sick leave. All policies of the company are in accordance with local government laws and regulations.

— The company will buy all kinds of social insurance (endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance, medical insurance), commercial accident insurance and housing fund for employees.

— The company pays attention to the humanistic care of employees and has a variety of incentive awards. On festivals or special anniversaries, gifts are given.

— The company cares about the life of its employees and often holds various activities. Such as literature and art activities, sports activities, dinners or travel.

— The company provides the greatest convenience for employees’ life, such as providing free accommodation for employees, early lunch and evening work meal, convenient commuter bus and flexible shopping bus in the city for employees, providing occupational health examination for employees, and bearing a set of home visit fee.